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  1. Pilgrims can do p\pooja on their own from 5 O’clock in morning to 11.30A.M. Temple closes at 10.30 P.M.
  2. Colored photo & booklet giving information about Pali & Ballaleshwar are sold by trust for nominal amount.
  3. All religious rituals like Pooja, Abhishek, Sahastravartan etc. are done by trust on behalf of devotees on accepting appropriate donations.
  4. Authorized poojary of the trust is Shri V.G. Pawgi.
  5. Trust has built Dhaarmashalaa for making lodging arrangement of devotees. Pots-vessels are also provided for preparing lunch. For advance booking contact on following address:
    Trustee-Shree Ballaleshwar Devasthan
    Post – Pali, Tal.- Sudhaagad, Dist – Raigad
    Tel. – STD – 02142-42263.
  6. Ballaleshwar has so many golden & Silver ornaments.
  7. Another authorized poojary at pali is Shri Govind Anant Puranik. He also performs various religious rituals like Pooja, Abhishek, Ekadashani, Sahastravartan etc. He also has lodging, boarding & parking arrangement. For contact his Adress:
    Shri Govind A. Puranik,
    Post- Pali, Tal. Sudhagad, Dist – Raigad,
    Tel : Office : STD – 02142 – 42077
    Res.: STD – 02142 – 42245
  8. Pali comes in Konkan region as such there is a greenery everywhere. Coconuts, Bananaa trees are abundant. Home made Papads & jams are sold on big scale.

Such is the greatness of Shri Ballaleshwar, who is the most popular among Ashtavinayak & considered to be very much awakened even today to the devotees aspiraation.

|| Shri Ballalo Vinayako Jayate ||

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