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Vedo Sanstuvaibhavo Gajmukho Bhaktabhimaniyo |
Ballaleravya Subhaktapal Narat; Khyat Sadaa Tishtati ||
Kshetre Pallipure Yaatha Krityuge Chasmistha Laukike |
Bhakterbhavite Murtiman Ganapati Siddhishwar Tam Bhaje || 7 ||

Ballaleshwar Temple Meaning: I worship God Ganesh, who is elephant headed, who has been praised in vedas, who is popular by the name of his devotee (Ballal), who takes care op his devotees & in this Kritayuga who abodes is Pallipur or Pali.

Village Pali is situated between fort Sarasgad & river Amba flowing on the other side. On being pleased by devotion of Ballal, Shree Ganesh remained in the stone worshipped by Ballal & hence is called as Ballaleshwar of Pali.

Among Ashtavinayakas, Pali’s Ballaleshwar is the only Vinayak who is famous by his devotee’s name & who is in the guise of Brahmin, idol of vinayaka at Pali is dressed up as Brahmin.

This place is very famous & spiritually awakened. It is said that in Peshva regime justice was done by taking kaul (answer to the question asked in the form of flower, leaves etc.) from Balleshwar.


Original Wooden temple was renovated & a new stone temple was built in 1760 A.D. by Shri Fadnis. Temple complex is tiled & it encircles two lakes. Water of one lake towards right is reserved for Vinayaka’s Pooja.

Shape of the stone temple is in the form of letter “” & faces east. During Dakshinayan at sun-rise, the sun rays falls exactly on the Vinayaka.

There are two Sanctums (Girbhagriha) in the temple. Inner sanctum is quite big & is 15 feet high. Outer sanctum is 12 feet high & it has rat idol with Modak in his hands & facing Ganesh.

Temple walls are made quite strong by mixing lead with cement while construction. Hall of the temple is 40 feet long & 20 feet broad & it was built by laate Shri Krishnaji Ringe in 1910 A.D. Hall is very beautiful with 8 pillars resembling cyprus throne tree.

Idol of Vinayak a sitting on stone throne, faces east & its trunk is left turned. The shining diamonds are embedded in the eyes & naval. The background is of silver where one finds Riddhi & Siddhi waving Chamaras.

Temple complex has a very big bell made in Europe. After defeating portuguese in Vasai & Sasthi, Chimaji Appa brought these bells & offered them at different Ashtavinayak Places.

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