Ashtavinayak Yatra
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  1. It is said that Emperor Aurangazeb had given grant to this temple. Nowadays administrator of this temple is governed by Chinchwad Temple Trust.
  2. On giving, appropriate donations Abhishek, Ekadashni, sahastravartana etc. are done by poojary. Prasad & Angara (wholly ashes) are sent by post.
  3. Shree Moreshwar D. Pendse is authorized poojary appointed by temple trust. (phone 0212/814206).
  4. A very good arrangement of lodging & boarding is available with Aaglave Bandhu poojary, At-Post Theur, Tal. Haveli, Dist Pune, Pin-412110. You can correspond on this address for advance booking.

|| Shree Brahmavardochintamani Ganesh Jayte |

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