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King Abhijeet & his wife queen Gunavati, performed penances for several yearson years on advice of sage Vaishampayan & got a son called Gana. Gana became popular by name ‘Ganaraja’.

Ganaraja was as furious as he was brave & valourious. Once, after his hunting expedtion he came to Kapila Rishi’s Ashram for taking rest. Sage Kapila welcomed Ganaraj & invited him for lunch alongwith his entire army.

King of Gods Indra had given Kapila Muni a jewel called Chintamani. With its help the sage fed the entire army with the testiest food. Being impressed by the power of jewel, greedy Ganaraja asked Sage Kapila to give the jewel to him. When Sage Kapila refused, Ganaraja took away the Chintamani by force.

Sage Kapila was sorely disappointed. Goddess Durga advice Kapila to workship Ganapati. Sage Kapila workshipped Ganapati. Ganapati promised him to return back the jewel. Ganapati & Ganaraja had fierced battle near tree Kadamba. Ganapati killed Ganaraja with his axe.

King Abhijeet returned the Chintamanito Kapila & asked for paradon . He got his grandsons released & crowned them in Ganaraja’s throne.

Kapila adorned Vinayaka with Chintamani & workshipped him. From that time Ganapati was called as Chintamani – Vinayaka, Kapila – Vinayaka & Sumukha – Vinayaka. As these incidents took place below a Kadama tree, the village around it was called Kadamba Tirtha.


King of Gods Indra was attracted towards Sage Gautam’s beautiful wife Ahilya. Once, when Sage Gautam had gone for bath, Indra, in the guise of Gautam had pleasure with Ahilya. On returning back to Ashram, Sage Gautam by his inner power realised the fact. Seething with rage Sage Gautam cursed Indra. Because of the curse king Indra ha thousands of holes in his body & bad smell started coming out of the holes. King Indra pleaded for mercy. Having pity on him Gautam Rishi advised him to worship Gajanan & get rid of the curse. Indra preformed panance in Kadambnagar & got released of the curse. Bad smell coming out of the holes was stopped & Indra could see through these holes. As such he was called Sahastraksha (having thousand eyes).

The lake in which Indra had bath, is called as Chintamani Sarovar.

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