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shree mahaganapati-ranjangaon

Shree Shambhuvarprada Sutapasa Namna Sahastra Sakam |
Datwa Shree Vijay Padam Shivkar Tasme Prasanna Prabhu ||
Ten sthapit Eva Sadgunavapu Kshetre Sadatishtati |
Tam Vande Manipurke Ganapati Devam Mahant Mudra ||4||

Mahaganpati TempleMeaning : Lord Shivshankar obtained a boon by propitiating Lord Shree Ganesh.I salute shri Ganesh who stays at Manipur , who gave boon to Mahadev,whose appearence is beautiful & pleasing & who is state of good qualities.


Temple facing east has huge & beautiful entrance gate.Idols of two door keepers namely Jay & Vijay are present near the gateway. Nagarkhana is situated above the entrance gate. This Nagarkhana was inagurated by Maharashtra's honourable chief minister Shri Monoher Joshi on 3rd May,1997.

        Idol facing east is in a crossed legged sitting position with broad forehead & the trunk turned towards the left. Riddhi & Siddhi are on the sides of Mahaganapati.

It is said that , original idol of Mahaganapati is hidden in a caller in the basement.It is also said that it has 10 trunks & 20 hands. Meditating on that idol is called Mahaganapati Dhyan.That idol is not taken out usually.Due to fear of Muslim invation,in good old days that idol was hidden.That Ganesh is called Mootka.However , temple trustees has refused exixtence of such an idol in the celler.



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