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The two festivals celebrated here during Bhadrapada & Magha (Shudha Pratipada to Panchami) . It is the experience of many devotees that Ballaleshwara fulfills all their desires & demands. Hence worshippers throng this Kshetra either to express their desire & to thank him after their desires are fulfilled.

”Whoever comes here on Bhadrapada Sudha Chaturthi & has my darshan , all his desire will be fulfilled. “is the boon given by Ganesha to Ballal. On the night of Bhadrapada Chaturthi there is Mahanaivedyam & on Panchami there is Annasantarpan.
Devotees make 21 pradakshnas ( holy rounds) of Ganaati to get their desire fulfilled & problems solved.
Their is a firm belief among the devotees that at midnight of Magha Sudha Chaturthi Shree Gajanan actually comes to the temple to the temple to physically parttake the food offered as Naivedyam. Hence there is heavy rush then.

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