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  1. Shreemad yogindracharya appeared in Morgaon in shaliwahan Shake 1499 & took samadhi in shake 1727. He spent his long 228 yrs life in worshipping & propitiating Ganeshyog. It is said that Shree Mayureshwar, himself in the guise of Brahmin gave him 9 parts of Mudgal purana & he had written his exposition on it. Importance of Ganapatis, yogaswaroop & yogageeta is described in it.
  2. Samadhi Mandir of Shree Ganesh Yogindracharya on the south coast of Kartha river is a plaace of tourist interest. In the samae mandir there are samadhi’s of Shri Ankushdhari Maharaj & Shreemad Heranbh Maharaj. Festivals & death anniversaries of their samadhis are celebrated here with devout feeling. Yogindramath of this sect is in Morgaon near the temple.
  3. Morgaon is a birthplace of famous hermit Morya Gosawi. He found Ganesh Idol in Brahma Kamandalu Tirth. He consecrated this idol in the temple at Chinchwad. Morya Gosawi’s Palkhi comes from chinchwad to Morgaon on bhadrapada & Margh Shudh Chaturthi. He look asmadhi at chinchwad in 1655 A.D.
  4. Sukhakarta Dukhaharta Varta Vighnachi….. A great saint Samarth Ramdas Swami wrote above said Aarati has become immortal in Maharashtra.
  5. At the left side of Mayureshwar there is one small room called Vighneshwar’s owari (owari means place reserved for meditation) at the end of seventeenth century a great Ganesh devotee know as Ganesh Yogindra used to stay in this owari. He had performed penances for 12 yrs. He had written his comments on Sanskrit Ganesh Purana. He took samadhi at Morgaon in 1727 A.D.


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