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  1. Morgan Ganpati Devasthan Trust is under control of Chinchwad Devasthan Trust.
  2. On taking appropriate donations from devotees, various types of rituals such as pooja Abhishek, Ekadashani,Sahastravartan,Japayagna etc, are performed by temple trust.
  3. 64 villages are donates to Morgaon.One foruth part of the revenue collected from these villages is gives to temple trust for purpose of its administration .With the permission of district magristrate trustee look after the administration of temple.
  4. Shree Mayureshwar has many ornaments of gols,silver & diamond.
  5. Deovtees coming to Morgaon should definitely vsist saswad , samadhi place of sopandev Maharaj. Sangameshwar & Changawateshwar are also places of Pilgrim’s interest.
  6. Lodging arrangement is available at following places.
    • Dharmashala of temple trust is near the temple.
    • In yogendra Shri Suresh Takasale looks after lodging arrangement.
    • A good arrangment of lodging , boarding can be made at following teo places.
      1. Mr Viju Dhere, Morgaon, Dist Pune.
      2. Mr. Kumar Wagh, durvankur, Morgaon, Tal. Baramati,Dist Pune.Tel No. Std: 02112-79752

Various religious rituals are also performed on behalf of devotees by above said people.

Panch Devtas i.e bRdhma, Vishnu , Shankar,Devi & Surya once medicated here to know who created them & for what purpose.A Jyoti appeared before them in form of ‘OM’ kara . From thid ‘OM ‘ came out Lord Ganapati with the elephant face.

||Bhuswannandadhisho Mayureshwaro Vijayate.||

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