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Morgaon is situated on the banks of river Karha. Legend Heard about the origin of Karhaganga is…..

Once Brahmadeva misbehaved with goddess Saraswati. He felt very much guilty of his behaviour. He became restless. To purify his mind he visited all holy places in the world, conducted all the rituals & collected the holy water (Tirth) in his Kamandalu. Then also he was not pacified, so he came to Morgan. He did Pooja-Abhishek on Mamayureshwar. While taking holy round of Mayureshwar, Kamandula filled with sacred water was tumbled down by Brahmadev’s leg. God Brahma was sorely disappointed. While he was reffing his Kamandalu Shree Mayureshwar said,“O God Bhrahma! don’t feel disappointed & fill this Kamandalu. Let this water be flown here in the form of river, Bramha Kamandalu Ganga i.e Karhaganga to destroy world’s sin. You take a spoonful of sacred water & be purified.”

Like this Karhaganga appeared in Morgaon. There are seven tirthas in the course of five miles of river karha. They are Shree Ganesh Tirth, Bhima Tirth, Kapil Tirth, Vyas Tirth. Rishi Tirth, Sarvapunya Tirth & Shree Ganeshgaya Tirth.


To the north of karhaganga, at a distance of one mile there is a land of Jadbharat Muni. Previously there used to be a big Aashram of Jadbharat Muni. At present there is only one big rock having five lingas of Mahadev. It is necessary to take darshan of Jadbharat rock when you visit Moregaon.


Nagnabhairav temple is situated to the east of Moregaon on the border of village. Yatra (Pilgrimage) is not completed without having darshan of Nagnabhairav. Jaggary & Coconut are to be bestowed as Naivedya over there. He is caretaker of Kshetra of Morgaon and he protects Ganesh devotees and give them prosperity.It it is not possible to visit this place,you can very well complete these rituals in the small temple of Nagnabhairav just to the left side of Myureshwar’s sanctum.

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