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Gandaki city was ruled by valorous & virtuous king Chakrapani. His wife Ugra was Chaste & dutiful wife. But they were unhappy since they had no child of their own.

On the advice of Sage Shaunak both of them performed Suryapasana [giving penance to Lord Surya (sun)]. As a result of Lord Sun’s blessings Queen Ugra remained pregnant. However she could not tolerate the heat of the child in her womb. She released her baby into the sea & a mighty luminous baby boy was born in the sea. On the birth of his magnificient baby boy, sea took the form of Brahmin & handed over this boy to King Chakrapani. Since the child was born in the sea, King Chakrapani named him ‘Sindhu’ (another name of sea).

Prince Sindhu learnt Suryamantra from his Guru Shukracharya & performed penances for two thousand years. Lord sun was pleased & gave him Nector telling him that as long as this nector remains in your stomach, death will not come to you.

Prince Sindhu came back & took over the kingdom from his father. King Chakrapani went into the forest for meditation. Now, King Sindhu decided to conquer the entire world. He brought many kingdoms under his control. Seeing his valour many demons joined his army. Soon Sindhu attacked Amravati & defeated King of gods Indra. Lord Vishnu was hypnotized by his excellent valour. Sindhu ordered Lord Vishnu to stay in his city Gandaki. Like this King Sindhu defeated all Gods & imprisoned them in the city of Gandaki.

After his world victory King Sindhu turned his attention towards Kailas & satyalok. At that time all the gods assembled together secretly & on the advice of Brahaspati meditated upon Vinayaka, mounted on a lion having 10 hands. Ganapati appeared before them & promised them that he would be born as the son of Parvati & destroy Sindhu. Gods were relived & waited for the event.

Being harassed by the nuisance caused by demon King Sindhu, Lord Shiva & Parvati left Kailas & went on Mountain Meru to live peacefully. Lord Shiva taught Goddess Parvati the one lettered mantra of Ganapati & asked her to chant the same for twelve years. with the desire of having vinayaka as her son, parvati performed penances for 12 years. Ganapati was pleased & gave her the boon she wanted.

On one Bhadrapad Shuddha Chaturthi, Parvati an idol of Ganesha of clay & performed its pooja. Suddenly that idol became alive & told Parvati that has desired by her, ha has taken Avatar in her house to kill demon Sindhu.

Lord Shivshankar named him ‘Ganesh’. Lord Mahadev also gave him the boon that whosoever remembers Ganesha before starting a work, will successfully complete the work.

In the young age Ganesha killed many demons. At the age of six, Vishwakarma worshipped Ganesh & endowed him with Paash (noose), Parasu (battleaxe), Ankusha (hook) & kamala (lotus).

Tired by demon’s disturbance, Lord Mahadev decided to leave Mountain Meru also. While moving to some other place with Goddess Parvati & young Ganesh, Lord Shiva’s army was attacked by demon Kamlasur, who came with an army of 12 crores. Demon Kamlasur mounted on horse & young Ganesha mounted on peacock had fierce battle. The demons army was defeated. However, Ganesha couls not defeat Kamalasur because from his blood many more demons were created. Shri Ganesh remembered Siddhi & Buddhi & ordered them to eat all the demons creating from the blood of Kamlasur. Siddhi & Buddhi ate away all demons. At last Kamlasur was cut into two pieces with Ganesha’s Trishul. The Place where the head of Kamalasur was thrown is the Morgaon Kshetra. Vishwakarma constructed a city & temple in that place.

Then Shankar, Parvati & Ganesh started towards Gandaki city where the Gods were imprisoned. First, as a matter of courtesy Nandi was sent to meet demon Sindhu to ask him to release the Gods. Sindhurasur refused & war was ensued.

Nandi, Veerbhadra, Kartikeya & other Shiva ganas fought with the demons. On the first day Sindhu’s one hand was broken by Ganesh. On the second day his two brothers-in-laws Kala & Vikala were killed & on the third day his sons Dharma & Adharma were destroyed by Kartikeya.

Sindhu’s Father King Chakrapani advised him to release the gods. But he refused. He came running towards Mayureshwar with his sword held high. Suddenly Ganesha took a small form got down from peacock & send an arrow which pierced Sindhu’ navel & broke it. Out came the nectar given by sun to Sindhu. Sindhu fell dead.

Shri Ganesh was seated on the throne by Chakrapani & Brahma’s daughters Siddhi & Buddhi were married to him. Shri Ganesh lived there for many years. After that he took leave of everybody & disappeared. Before doing so he gave his peacock to Kartikeya.

Whoever hears the story of Mayureshwar has all his desire fulfills. His wealth & fame increases.


Sage Kashyap had two wives, Kadru & Vinita. Kadru’s sons snakes imprisoned Vinita’s sons namely Shyen, Sampati & jatayu. Vinita was sorely disappointed. After few years Vinita got one more son. However, when her son was in the form of egg, young Ganesh Broke that egg & peacock came out of that egg. Newly born peacock had fight with Ganesh. Finally mother Vinita interfered & peacock agreed to be vehicle of Shri Ganesh. However, he laid one condition & said, “Oh God! my name should be pronounced before your name & you be popular by my name.” Ganesh agreed & took name Mayuresh for himself. Ganesh with the help of peacock released Vinita’s sons from imprisonment in patala (Hell).

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