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  1. The place where Sage Bhrushandi had performed penances is nearer to the temple.
  2. Siddhatek temple trust is under control of Chinchwad Temple Trust.
  3. On giving appropriate donation temple trust or poojary performs Abhishek, Pooja & Sahastravartan. Prashad & holy ashes are sent by post.
  4. Temple trust is constructing a building for the purpose of devotees.
  5. Rules for performing pooja of Siddhivinayak are abserved very strictly as such devotees are not allowed to do pooja personally.
  6. Shree Siddhivinayak lodging & boarding is available near the temple. Rate for single room for one day is Rs.75/- & for big hall is Rs/251/-.
  7. A very good arrangement of loading & boarding can be made by Shree Gajanan Purohit who is ancestral poojary of Siddhatek. Advance correspondence can be made at following address:
    Ved Murty Shree Gakanan R. Purohit
    At – Siddhatek, Po – Jalapur, Tal. Karjat
    Dist. Ahmednagar. Tel. – Std – 02489/22760 & 22316.
  8. In monsoon transportation is not possible due to bad roads.
  9. Central ank Siddhatek branch is near the temple.

As such Siddhatek is holy place where God Vishnu, Sage Vyas & Bhrushundi, hermit Morya Gosavi & Narayan Maharaj had attained Siddhi.

|| Shree Madhukaitabhavivardo Ganesha Jayati ||

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