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This story pertains to Tretayug. Once Brahmadev performed penances of Shree ganesh by chanting his one letter mantra with desire to create world. Shree Ganesh was pleased and gave him boon, that all his desires would be fulfilled. When Lord Brahma was doing pooja of Shri Ganesh, two girls, namely Siddhi & Riddhi appeared brfore him. Treating them as his daughter, Lord Brahman bestowed them to Shri Ganesh.Thus Siddhi & Riddhi were married to Shri Ganesh.

Lord Brahma created three classes of people namely Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Shudras from his arms and thighs. He created moon from his heart, Sun from his eyes, heaven from his head, air & life from his ear and earth from his legs. After that he created sea, river, trees, shrubs, etc. When Lord Brahma was busy in creating in world, Lord Vishnu was sleeping ( enjoying his yogindra) . After passage of time two demons Madhu & Kaitabha were created from the dirt in Vishnu’s ear. They started harassing Brahmadev. Brahma, Shesha, Prithvi all trembled. In order to awake Mahavishnu, Lord Brahma played Nidradevi to leave Vishnu so that he can getup and destroy the demons. Vishnu got up & started fighting with the asuras alternatively.But he could not kill them even after 5000 years.

Lord Vishnu stopped war and in the guise of Gandharva (celestial Choristel) Started singing with his veena. Everybody including Gods, demons, Gandharvas were very pleased by the celestial singing.

Lord Shankara heard this Veena Gayan on his abode Kailas mountain and sent his two Ganas (soldiers) Nikumbh and Pushpadanta to bring Lord Vishnu on Kailas. On saluting Lord Shankara, Shree Hari Vishnu continued his Veena Gayan. Mahadev was pleased and told Vishnu to ask for boon. Shri Hari Vishnu told Mahadev story of Madhu & Kaitabha & asked him to find a way out to kill thwe demons. Sadashiv told him that he did not get victory because he forgot to remember Gajanan before starting the war. Then he gave Vishnu, six letters Ganesh Mantra & asked him to go to Siddhi Kshetra for meditation.

Vishnu Chanted the mantra for 100 years at Siddhatak, Vinayaka appeared before him & gave him the capacity to destroy Madhu, Kaitabha & other demons.

Lord Vishnu built a big temple with four gates & consecrated a Ganesha idol there made up of stones from Gandaki river. That Ganesha is called Siddhivinayak & placee is called Siddhatak as Shri Vishnu got his Siddhi there.

Vishnu came back to fight with Madhu & told them, “I am pleased by your valour. Ask for any boon.” The demons felt insulted & said, “we are pleased with your valour, you asked for any boon.” Vishnu said, ”If you r pleased, give me a boon that both of u shall meet your death through my hands.”

The demons were shocked. Seeing water all around they told Vishnu, “Kill us at a place which is not surrounded by water.” Vishnu took his Vishwaroop (huge form), put them on his thights (laps) & killed them with his sudarshan chakra.

Temple built by Shree Vishnu was destroyed after few years. Shree Vinayak once appeared in the dream of one shefered & told him about his presence on the hill. Shephered discovered the idol & started doing poojs on his own. Once again Shree Ganesh appeared in his dream & told him to get his pooja done by some Brahmin purohit. Accordingly shephered arranged for pooja, Naivedyam of Shree Ganesh. Temple was built in period of peshva regime.


Peshwa’s Senapati (commander of army) Haripant Phadke came to Siddhivinayaka on loosing his designation. He performed 21 days Anusthan (cereminy to propitiate God). Accordingly he vowed to circumnavigate Shree Siddhivinayaka 21 times in a day continously for 21 days. Exactly on 21st day Peshwa’s messenger came to Siddhhatek & took Haripant Phadke to Pune honorably.

He constructed ghat on the river & also built village gate.

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