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  1. Religious rituals like Pooja, Abhishek, Sahastravartana etc. are done by temple trust on accepting definite donation from devotees.
  2. Temple trust has built a new loding complex (Yatri-Niwas which costs around 1 crore rupees) on the bank of river Kukadi. At a time nearly 3000 Ganesh devotees can stay in this building. Address for correspondance is as follows:
    Shree Vighneshwar Ganapati Devasthan Trust
    At post – Ozar, Tal. Junnar, Dist. Pune.
    Tel. No. (STD 02132) 88330.
  3. Vighneshwara’s photograph can be taken on giving donation of Rs.21.
  4. Shri Hemant Joshi is Kshetropadhyay (Poojary) of temple.
  5. In front of the temple there is one peeple tree & Ram temple.
  6. Temple trust has constructed a place for vehicle parking.

Common wedding of poor, school & college for gals are future plans of the temple trustees.

|| Shree Vighnarajo Bhaktavatsalo Jayati ||

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