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The king of Hemavatim Shri Abhinandan once performed a great sacrifice. Indra thought that this sacrifice if completed would deprive him of his post. Hence, he ordered Kala (time) to create obstacles in the sacrifice & then destroy it. The fierce looking Kala not only destroyed that sacrifice but also other sacrifices & created obstacles for sages & others. Hence people called him vighna.

Slowly all vedic rites were reduced & dharma disappeared from earth. Then all gods worshipped Gajanan & requested him to save the world from Vighneshwar.

Then Ganapati took his Avatar as the son of Sage parshva & his wife Deepavatsala. Gods headed by Lord Shankara came to Parshva & requested him to relieve Ganapati for having a war with vighnasura. Sage parshva was reluctant but Ganapati convinced him & with his permission proceeded to the Asura’s abode. He sent his Ankush (HOOK) which caught hold of vighnasura & brought him before Gods. But the Asura assumed many forms like cyclones, flood, fire etc. Vinayaka destroyed all such mayas (illusions). Finally when he found that his power & tactics will not succeed, Vighnasura fell at the feet of Ganapati & asked for refuge. He requested that Ganapati should take his name along with his own. Vinayaka accepted his request & is hence called as Vighneshwara or Vighnaraj. Ganapati also ordered him as followed, “Whoever chants his name of mine will attain what he desires. You should not bring any obstacles in his work. Whevere I am not remembered before beginning of a work you bring abstacles in there work. It any creature inclusive of Shiva & Vishnu gets proud & egoistic, you take away their post. You never harass my devotees but abstruct their offenders.”

Gods were very happy. They consecrated idol of Gajanan at Ozar.


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